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The recent GPRRA’s AGM on 18 May had a record turnout. Thanks to all residents who attended. The minutes of the meeting will be posted on this site in due course. Meantime herewith a brief summary of the proceedings.

GPRRA Chair Jenny McQueen and Vice Chair Luke Stevens gave informative introductory presentations regarding the work of the various committees. Stuart Burnett assured us of his committee’s vigilance in ensuring minimum destruction of our built heritage and preservation of public open space. Brenda King gave an account of her achievements in reducing the noise and disruption to residents from events at the stadium and surrounding areas. Councillor Jacques Weber gave a concise recap of the state of our village for 2015. Guest speakers included Brett Petzer on ‘Densification and its impact on Heritage and Open Space’ and Tina Krynauw’s presentation ‘’Recycle or Ruin!’ alerted us to the urgency to recycle with only two remaining landfill sites in Cape Town to cater from some 6000 tons that we dispose of per day.

Tina Krynauw’s presentation ‘’Recycle or Ruin!’