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The minutes of the AGM give an insight into the immense work undertaken by the GPRRA Committee click here and  click here for the power point presentation with many interesting images.

Highlights include:
• GPRRA's pressure on the City for more transparency regarding proposed developments to allow for public participation and objections if the heritage status and our 'village' character is threatened
• GPRRA's support of events in the Green Point Urban Park if run responsibly, they adhere to guidelines and are located in appropriate areas
• GPRRA appeals to the community to participate in its tireless lobbying to protect and preserve Green Point Common as a Provincial Heritage Site. Ways to be part of this process will soon be posted here and shared by email.
Councillor Dave Bryant’s presentation addressed the water crisis and traffic congestion, the City’s approach to densification, the groundbreaking new project to create a safe space for people living on the street etc etc.

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