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AverdaJoin this free initiative offered by Averda to improve our neighbourhood. Not only does recycling have a positive impact on the environment, it has been proven to reduce crime.

Here are more good reasons to be part of this initiative:

- free plastic bags are provided to store your recycling waste (to be used for recycling only not for garden refuse or ‘wet’ litter in City wheelie bins)
- it is crucial that we all recycle to reduce landfill and litter going into the ocean destroying marine life
- by law everyone should be recycling (although not yet enforced)  – see notes below*
- you will be amazed at how little waste remains after recycling

What can be recycled: paper, glass, plastic (containers, cups, bags etc), cartons (tetra pack etc), tin, steel and aluminium cans, foam products (polystyrene), juice pouches and food packets. Bottles and containers should be RINSED. (No organic waste.)  Averda will collect from your door once a week.

Call Liz Knight 021 434 0550 or 0765972640 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to process membership and receive free bags and to ascertain your collection day.

Please dispose of e-waste (TVs, computers, cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges etc) responsibly by calling or emailing Ashwen at Clear Conscience Recycling Company (tel 082 339 9838; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to arrange appointment for collection. You can also visit their website http://www.clearer.co.za/  

Valuable e-waste should not be left on the street or placed in your black bins. Clearer Conscience service Camps Bay to De Waterkant each Tuesday. They will also take clothing and furniture or alternatively your ‘second-hand goods’ can be dropped off at charities such as The Haven, 2 Napier Street, Green Point and Straatwerk, Rose Street, Bo-Kaap.

 *COCT Integrated Waste Management Policy
13. The occupant of a dwelling or property, manager of a facility, amenity or a business entity, or entrepreneur that generates waste, must ensure that recyclable waste is separated, streamed and stored in an approved container;
14. The waste generator must transport recyclables or have these collected at own cost to a specially-provided facility, where the recyclable materials must be placed in separate bulk containers or a separate area provided at the facility; (NB Averda offers a free service which is subsidized by the City)