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Please refer to the website below to make a Service Delivery Request (C3) by computer or smart phone or send an SMS 31373 for problems such as:

law enforcement, repairing broken streetlights, electricity outages, water leaks, potholes, missing road signs and manhole covers, blocked drains, dumping, refuse collection, overgrown alleys, litter and wheelie bins.

Click onto https://eservices1.capetown.gov.za/coct/wapl/zsreq_app/index.html#/create
and complete as follows:

Group – Choose type
Service – Choose type
Locate on map/Type in address
Describe your requested service, issue or complaint
Attach supporting documentation and/or photographs (this is optional)
Name, email address, cell or tel phone number
Give preferred feedback method

This data is electronically recorded and a reference number supplied. It is important to keep this reference number so as to follow up or track the progress.