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Green Point Neighbourhood WatchThe Green Point Neighbourhood Watch was formed on the auspicious date of 12/12/12 when we submitted our constitution to Heather Tager, chairperson of the Sea Point Community Police Forum (CPF). All Neighbourhood Watches fall under the jurisdiction of their area CPFs so this was the vital last step to formalising the GPNW as a legal entity.

Amongst its objectives has been the finalisation of an operational protocol for the radio network. SAPS fully supports GPNW patrols and their patrol cars are equipped to monitor our radio frequency so GPNW patrollers can immediately call on police support when they spot anything suspicious. GPNW also secured co-operation from private armed response companies.

Finally, GPNW has a vibrant online presence with an active discussion forum on the Facebook group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/325889590931025/

GPNW thanks SAPS, the CPF, our councillor and all its members for their support.

We aspire to achieving a safe and secure neighbourhood for all Green Point residents and look forward to welcoming many more to our group.